Crook's Beer and Wine Menu
Fresh Mimosa

There’s nothing like enjoying a cold beer, some wine, or a sweet mimosa to make your day more comfortable. Crooks Coffee is now serving wonderful beer from both Barrel Brothers, and Seismic Brewing Companies. We also have a diversity of wine to caress your pallate.

Who We Are
Family that owns Crooks Coffee

Crooks Coffee is a local, independent, family-owned and operated enterprise located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa, California. Seeking to re-invest in our community and offer a genuinely local experience, 100% of our products are Sonoma County (and often Santa Rosa) sourced. We founded Crooks on our family’s unrelenting faith in each of its members. Started on a shoestring budget, the community immediately welcomed the shop with a line-out-the-door Grand Opening in 2018. Since then, we’ve blossomed into a quick favorite, with all the trappings of a permanent downtown institution.

And yes, we have free wi-fi.