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  •   stayed in a hotel a few blocks away. needed a bite and some coffee before hitting the road. we were huge fans. cold brew was good. cinnamon roll muffin thing was amazing. wow. miss that pastry.

    thumb Sean W.

      The people the food the coffee  what's not to love these guys are amazing !
    I can't wait till they open this morning I'm badly in need of a hot cup of coffee to get my mind off this Kincaid fire .
    Thanks for letting us charge our phones  so we can continue to get news, stay in touch with loved ones or work remotely as I need to .

    thumb Christina M.

      Really like the atmosphere. Great coffee, great service, and good vibes. Definitely recommend.

    thumb Jacquelyn B.

      Delicious new coffee spot. Lovely vibes and decor. I am a big fan of the dirty chai and Americano!

    thumb Hannah D.

      One of the best coffee places I've encountered! Went in for the first time and the place has an amazing vibe, great options of drinks, it's well maintained, and the people are super friendly. I got an iced mocha and it's one of the best ones I've had!

    thumb Jaime M.

      Pretty great overall shop! I like their coconut milk latte- iced or hot. I have gotten their gluten free chocolate chip cookie a couple times- the chocolate is gooey and it usually doesn't last long enough for me to eat it with my coffee. I've also had the gluten free avo toast- pretty good, although I wish they had some more seasoning on it. I'd like to try their GF scone at some point too. They have quick and polite service. And the ambiance is cute to hang out in for a while. They have board games too!

    thumb Erica O.
  •   warm and inviting vibe inside. exceptional coffee. lovely service. what more could you need? the creme brûlée latte is to die for!

    thumb Rahil H.

      Great avocado toast & coffee. Great friendly atmosphere.  Staff was friendly & fun. Assortment of food options. Fun place to read a book & get out of the cold.

    thumb Steve U.

      Hands down the best place around.  Despite the coffee being top shelf the family and ambiance are even better.  Special made my weird request for me happily only to have my wonderful, albeit clumsy, daughter spill the entire thing before I could even have a sip.  I mean, this thing Manhattan Projected ALL over the place!  We felt awful but the staff all rushed to assist us in cleaning the mess while another whipped up another large cup.  I insisted on paying for the second cup as well, and they flatly insisted that there was no way they were going to take it!  Beautiful shop, beautiful people!  Wish that we were local as I would make this my daily spot.  Thanks again Crooks Crew!

    thumb Jesse R.

      Hands down best coffee house in Santa Rosa! Family owned business and you can tell because you are treated like family when you come in. Great speciality holiday drinks and baked goods. The banana bread is my fav! Love the decor and featured local artists on the walls. What a gem this place is! I always look forward to coming in to crooks Coffee!

    thumb Lillian A.

      Definitely an extremely cute local coffee house to meet with friends or a significant other! Not the best coffee I've ever had but still good. I would come for the ambiance and the variety.

    thumb Ashley S.

      Customer service is on point here! They are so friendly and helpful. When I came in they welcomed me like I was family and invited us to sit down and relax. So sweet.
    My son and I love coming here. We love their coffee and their Italian sodas. The chocolate chip cookies are so big and really good. I always grab the tomato & mozzarella sammie on a Ciabatta roll and they cook it up for me! So delicious. Even my son was begging me for a bite.
    I love their frappes- my favorite is a medium caramel with 2 add shots & no whipped cream. They always make it perfect. I can't stand whipped cream And they always remember to leave it off. Thank you.
    Great coffee, great food, great service and so conveniently located downtown. Support Local Businesses!

    thumb Jennifer H.
  •   Best coffee in Santa Rosa! Great space and great staff. This is where I go whenever I visit friends & family.

    thumb Jeana E.

      Convinced by the quality of friendliness of this place. Good creme brûlée latte and pastries.

    thumb HopHop P.

      This is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots for an early morning cup o joe and a great pastry or breakfast sandwich.

    The staff is always beyond nice and very helpful, always making my wife and I feel welcomed and happy. They have a few chairs and tables outside that are perfect for a nice misty, cool morning in Santa Rosa while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

    Their golden latte with tumeric is exceptional and we highly recommend it.

    Thank you Crooks, for not being crooks and always making us feel at home in our living room (with much better java than we can do ourselves). We will continue to support this great local business and wish you the best of luck in the years to come. Keep up the great work!

    We will be back again soon. Cheers!

    thumb Elliot K.

      Great quality, locally sourced coffee attentively prepared with love. Freshly baked pastries fill the shop with sweet and savory scents. Plus! They're right by the new downtown square -- Best coffee shop EVER

    thumb Greyson G.

      Decided to check this place out and glad I did. Fantastic coffee and really nice ambiance. I'm not the type to order coffee and sit but I can see myself doing it here. Just a good vibe all around.

    thumb Jay G.

      My rose tea latte tasted good and the soy milk is creamy but the latte art is so bland and like it seems as if they didnt even try. The baristas seem very sterile and like not inviting. Which I dont need them to be but that does set the tone of the space. Bare minimum they're doing their job so that's what it is. The seats had a bunch of crumbs and like on the tables as well. It's pretty chill and the decor is cute. The menu is varied and their are options and etc. I wish they made in house syrups but you vant6have everything. The merch is hella cute. There is also outdoor seating, bar/wall seating, table seating, cozy chair seating. The drinks don't come hot enough for me though because I'm used to having to need a sleeve for my to go cup. I.e. hottt

    thumb Na X.
  •   Awesome people, thoughtful atmosphere, and wonderful menu! The drinks were as delicious as the food. The personal discussion from one of the owners and the extent that one of the employees went to to make sure my party and I were comfortable were more than enough justification to leave a good review.
    Congratulations on the one-year anniversary, and here's to manny more!

    thumb Megan W.

      The creme brulee latte is . Friendly staff and nice ambience. Coffee came out quick so I wasn't late to work. Nice spot to meet a friend or work/study too. Definitely need to check out their events and trivia nights (hello True Crime trivia night).

    thumb Kara M.

      Crooks Coffee is a gem. I had a few hours of work to do and visiting an unfamiliar area, I Yelped and stumbled upon this coffee shop! As soon as I entered the coffee shop, I knew I would love the place.

    I ordered the Creme Brulee Hot Chocolate and Green China Gunpowder Tea. They were both very good. I also ordered a bag of beans. The Creme Brulee Hot Chocolate was the best thing I've ever tasted. It was SOOO good! I couldn't believe my taste buds. I stopped myself from downing my drink. The Green China Gunpowder Tea was very different but it was a very good tea.

    I loved all the selections of coffees and teas and pastries. And they also have beer and wine! There were so many varieties of options that anyone walking into the shop will definitely find something to their likings. There are boardgames and books galore. It's a place to come and work like I did or catch up with friends or hang out playing games or read a book.

    thumb Jane C.

      I had been hearing about this little shop for awhile and decided to finally go in and see what all the fuss was about. Walking in I immediately saw the charm in this shop and all the delicious looking goodies! I ordered a mocha and almond croissant! The mocha was perfectly topped with homemade whip cream and the coffee was velvety rich and everything I hoped it would be! The croissant was yummy just as I expected it would be!

    thumb Michelle T.

      A family concern concerned about all of us within their family.  From day one of my exposure to who they were and what they were doing, I was quickly made to feel that from the very construction to their first conversation, all of this was, nothing but top shelf without ever excluding anyone because of their slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes.  From the very first whiff of their better business acumen, the colorful sight of awaiting pastries, the newly crafted but old city feel of their ever-welcoming interior you know, and even if this is your first forray within their welcoming walls that, you just might have found your new old place, you may have just realized that you too, now belong.  Thanks to all of the owners/staff, for it's been my experience that within such dignity shared there is no job to unimportant, so much so that if need be the very hands that might have just shaken the hands of one of the local movers and shakers, those very hands have now pitched in to wash a stack of dirty dishes so that you, their next new and most important customer need never worry as to the cleanliness of your next cup of expertly crafted brew, enjoy!

    thumb Mike S.

      This is, hands down, the best coffee shop in Sonoma County. If you're just passing through or a resident of Santa Rosa this is the coffee shop you're gonna wanna swing in to. The vibe in this place is super chill and very welcoming and the coffee and food are on point
    No more Starbucks or Peet's for me. Crooks is where its at

    thumb Jessica E.
  •   Walking in, I love the vibe! Immediately I was greeted with a smile and, "what can I get you" which I loved.  I opted for the Avocado toast and breve latte. The Avocado toast was made,  on a fresh piece of perfectly toasted Sourdough with a  generous portion of avocado . Sprinkled with the usual chili and salt and pepper. A little garlic and it would have been perfection.  The breve latte was 5 stars when it came to flavor. But lacking the usual barista,  foam flair. The only complaints I would  have, is having to use the shared (by other businesses) restroom and the lack of friendliness of the barista.

    thumb Diana T.

      First time visit. Really cool atmosphere. Fast friendly service. Best double chocolate chip muffin I ever had in my life! Get it warmed up!

    thumb Michele M.

      Love, love the ambiance of Crooks. The baristas were pleasant and willing to take their time to tell you what were in their speciality coffees.

    thumb Jayz P.

      I love the vibe, style, customer service and most importantly - the quality coffee, pastries and food.

    Board games, outlets and plenty of seating.


    thumb Anisa A.

      Crooks is a very cozy place to come and enjoy a book or meet up with a friend.   I don't live around here but I like to visit every time I'm in Santa Rosa especially since it's in a prime downtown location close to the mall and main street.  I love their Rose Lavender Latte which I pretty much always get and enjoy sitting in the comfy chairs up front by the windows.

    thumb Joan W.

      Organic fair-trade coffee and tea.
    Great house-made scones, etc.
    Good ambience! Friendly staff and
    clientèle from all walks of life.

    thumb Paul M.
  •   I love this place! The family that owns this coffee shop are very nice people, professional, personable and understanding of those from various walks of life. The medium roast coffee, cookies and bagels are some of my favorite menu items.  I enjoy hanging out here a lot and writing poetry, doing homework or applying for jobs. You should stop by here sometime!

    thumb Elizabeth L.

      Great local place.  Chill vibe and their scones are the best I've ever had.  Great place to chill out in the morning before the daily grind begins!

    thumb Mike L.

      Amazing coffee, great service, good food and lots of seating with free WiFi, what more could you ask for?

    thumb Lauren T.

      Excellent coffee and pastries. Stopped in to work for a couple hours and was a great spot. Will be revisiting on my next trip to Santa Rosa!

    thumb Matt H.

      Crooks is a very cozy place to come and enjoy a book or meet up with a friend.   I don't live around here but I like to visit every time I'm in Santa Rosa especially since it's in a prime downtown location close to the mall and main street.  I love their Rose Lavender Latte which I pretty much always get and enjoy sitting in the comfy chairs up front by the windows.

    thumb Joan W.

      Organic fair-trade coffee and tea.
    Great house-made scones, etc.
    Good ambience! Friendly staff and
    clientèle from all walks of life.

    thumb Paul M.
Who We Are
Family that owns Crooks Coffee

Crooks Coffee is a local, independent, family-owned and operated enterprise located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa, California. Seeking to re-invest in our community and offer a genuinely local experience, 100% of our products are Sonoma County (and often Santa Rosa) sourced. We founded Crooks on our family’s unrelenting faith in each of its members. Started on a shoestring budget, the community immediately welcomed the shop with a line-out-the-door Grand Opening in 2018. Since then, we’ve blossomed into a quick favorite, with all the trappings of a permanent downtown institution.

And yes, we have free wi-fi.