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There’s nothing like enjoying a cold beer, some wine, or a sweet mimosa to make your day more comfortable. Crooks Coffee is now serving wonderful beer from both Barrel Brothers, and Seismic Brewing Companies. We also have a diversity of wine to caress your pallate.

When we started this project, a year ago, it was only going to be in our hallway to regulate the graffiti. But it’s sparked something much larger… Crooks Canvases!!! This will soon be city wide!It’s all part of a larger installment called Crooks Community. So, to start small, we will auction our finished canvases to help fund Crooks Canvases and Crooks Community Garden. They will be available to view through October.All of the paintings have a introductory bid. All you have to do is write the number of the painting, the amount you wish to pay, and pm(personal message) Crooks Coffee on Facebook. The end of October the auction will conclude. November we will have a showing of the auction… (Read More)

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Crooks Coffee is a locally family owned business, everything is local from our coffee to our ingredients for her homemade food. We strive to give you excellent customer service and the best deals possible. With us you can enjoy studying, talking with your friends, playing games or just hanging back and reading a book.We also serve beer, wine and mimosas. Check our calendar for our events like our, open mics, live music on Saturday nights, our scavenger hunts and our Specialized advance. Be a part of the Crooks community!

Who We Are
Photograph of the family that owns Crooks Coffee

Crooks Coffee is a local, independent, family-owned and operated enterprise located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa, California. Seeking to re-invest in our community and offer a genuinely local experience, 100% of our products are Sonoma County (and often Santa Rosa) sourced. We founded Crooks on our family’s unrelenting faith in each of its members. Started on a shoestring budget, the community immediately welcomed the shop with a line-out-the-door Grand Opening in 2018. Since then, we’ve blossomed into a quick favorite, with all the trappings of a permanent downtown institution.

And yes, we have free wi-fi.