Yelp Loves Us!
  •   Some of the best coffee in Sonoma county and is family owned. I legit come here everyday and my experience is always a great one. Keep killing it you guys!

    thumb Christopher T.

      I love this place! The family that owns this coffee shop are very nice people, professional, personable and understanding of those from various walks of life. The medium roast coffee, cookies and bagels are some of my favorite menu items.  I enjoy hanging out here a lot and writing poetry, doing homework or applying for jobs. You should stop by here sometime!

    thumb Elizabeth L.

      I only had the breakfast sandwich (I'd already consumed my day's allotment of caffeine) and thought it was pretty good. The figgy jam really helped tie the whole thing together and I recall it as being pretty well priced too. I'd go back. Plus, they've got some pretty neat t-shirts.

    thumb Misha T.

      Welcoming environment, nice baristas, and great tasting coffee! Their menu boards are nice and big and easily readable and they even have pastries discounted just a day old that are delicious. They are taking great precautions with COVID regulations as well. Definitely will be coming back.

    thumb Hannah W.

      I had been hearing about this little shop for awhile and decided to finally go in and see what all the fuss was about. Walking in I immediately saw the charm in this shop and all the delicious looking goodies! I ordered a mocha and almond croissant! The mocha was perfectly topped with homemade whip cream and the coffee was velvety rich and everything I hoped it would be! The croissant was yummy just as I expected it would be!

    thumb Michelle T.

      Organic fair-trade coffee and tea.
    Great house-made scones, etc.
    Good ambience! Friendly staff and
    clientèle from all walks of life.

    thumb Paul M.
  •   First time visit. Really cool atmosphere. Fast friendly service. Best double chocolate chip muffin I ever had in my life! Get it warmed up!

    thumb Michele M.

      warm and inviting vibe inside. exceptional coffee. lovely service. what more could you need? the creme brûlée latte is to die for!

    thumb Rahil H.

      My rose tea latte tasted good and the soy milk is creamy but the latte art is so bland and like it seems as if they didnt even try. The baristas seem very sterile and like not inviting. Which I dont need them to be but that does set the tone of the space. Bare minimum they're doing their job so that's what it is. The seats had a bunch of crumbs and like on the tables as well. It's pretty chill and the decor is cute. The menu is varied and their are options and etc. I wish they made in house syrups but you vant6have everything. The merch is hella cute. There is also outdoor seating, bar/wall seating, table seating, cozy chair seating. The drinks don't come hot enough for me though because I'm used to having to need a sleeve for my to go cup. I.e. hottt

    thumb Na X.

      Holy moly that bacon, egg and cheese on a buttery biscuit breakfast sandwich! Delicious. Ordered it on a whim and am so glad I did.

    Great coffee and service too!

    thumb Liz B.

      Good vibes, nice people, delicious coffee. 🙂

    thumb Dani D.

      I really liked the coffee from this place. Everyone who I talked to that works here was really nice too. It's been a minute since I went to I can't remember how it was priced, but they had neat options like a lavender latte!

    thumb Calli G.
  •   Holy moly we loved Crooks! We took a social distancing cycling trip and found ourselves in Santa Rosa for a few days.

    Which means that I plan everything around a. what time does the coffee shop open b. where is the best nearby coffee shop and c. do they have great coffee AND food.

    Crooks nailed it - amazing coffee and a great selection of food. And they opened early enough to get coffee and food before hitting the roads.

    Crooks was our favorite coffee shop on our 10 day road trip!!

    thumb Lesley A.

      I've been here 3 times now, and each visit, it's clean, quick, and friendly.

    I enjoy their iced coffee.
    I also tried a vanilla oat milk latte and it was fantastic. The foam was perfect.
    They always have delicious pastries to choose from too.

    I'd come here more often if it wasn't for the street parking. I ain't parking down the street and walking up just to get some iced coffee. Now if there's an open spot I'm all in there like swimwear. An I'm happy. The end.

    thumb Trina B.

      I have been here a few times and enjoy the coffee and the staff, but this last visit made me rather unhappy. I arrived at 11:45 with a friend for a coffee and snack, we both picked the bacon breakfast burrito. We knew the place was closing since we got informed form a gentlemen outside but was not expecting the person at the counter to tell us the oven was shut down and we could pick up a sandwich two doors down if we wanted something hot. Would have given a higher rating, but to be detoured, and then see 4 people walk in after me was very surprising. I get you want to close down at noon, but if you have paying customers it seems like you would heat the food up over missing out on the sales. Just a thought

    thumb sebastian thomas j.

      Walking in, I love the vibe! Immediately I was greeted with a smile and, "what can I get you" which I loved.  I opted for the Avocado toast and breve latte. The Avocado toast was made,  on a fresh piece of perfectly toasted Sourdough with a  generous portion of avocado . Sprinkled with the usual chili and salt and pepper. A little garlic and it would have been perfection.  The breve latte was 5 stars when it came to flavor. But lacking the usual barista,  foam flair. The only complaints I would  have, is having to use the shared (by other businesses) restroom and the lack of friendliness of the barista.

    thumb Diana T.

      Good vibes, nice people, delicious coffee. 🙂

    thumb Dani D.

      I really liked the coffee from this place. Everyone who I talked to that works here was really nice too. It's been a minute since I went to I can't remember how it was priced, but they had neat options like a lavender latte!

    thumb Calli G.
Who We Are
Photograph of the family that owns Crooks Coffee

Crooks Coffee is a local, independent, family-owned and operated enterprise located in the heart of downtown Santa Rosa, California. Seeking to re-invest in our community and offer a genuinely local experience, 100% of our products are Sonoma County (and often Santa Rosa) sourced. We founded Crooks on our family’s unrelenting faith in each of its members. Started on a shoestring budget, the community immediately welcomed the shop with a line-out-the-door Grand Opening in 2018. Since then, we’ve blossomed into a quick favorite, with all the trappings of a permanent downtown institution.

And yes, we have free wi-fi.